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Healing Circuit

Author: Herb Kaighan/Saturday, August 30, 2014/Categories: Words of Wisdom, Inspiration

If there is a Reality we call God, by definition It is Everything:


·         It cannot become something;

·         It does not need anything;

·         It exists unconditionally.

Anything that is, comes from this Everything – Source overflowing Itself – an act of giving without expectation. We call that Love.

Love is wanting the best for someone else without expectations, without demands, without conditions. It is wanting the best for another – purely for the well-being of the other.

Over time, by the very fact of my existence, I have come to realize I am loved. This is my decision – a bold act of faith – an act of my free will, just as

·         A flower sprouts flowers.

·         A cat bears kittens

·         A human begets humans.

·         Love produces love.


This Reality, God, is a verb, not a noun: God’s ecstacy = Love overflowing Itself!

·         As my feet are for walking;

·         As my emotions are for feeling;

·         As my brain is for thinking;

·         Perhaps my free will is for loving.

Love Loving is my source;  thus, my very nature is love; my primary purpose is loving.

When I am love loving, I am being my true self. My life is a gift received and my love is a gift given – without expectations –  for the well-being of the other.

When we real-ize we are loved, we are able to love;  as we are loving, others real-ize they are loved and are enabled to love.

Others can then real-ize they are loved – without demands, without conditions  –  purely – that their very nature is love; their very purpose is loving. The gift given is received by them –  and then by me.

This is the Healing Circuit!


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