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Letter From the Editors

Author: Josie and Jim Herndon/Monday, May 4, 2015/Categories: Letter from The Editor

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

We are excited to bring to you the May 2015 Edition of!

Temperatures are rising here in the desert. But, we are keeping our cool as we continue on our mission of providing valuable information for our readers, and of course, planning and executing educational events!

In this edition, we are thrilled to present to you a diverse collection of articles by experts in areas of topical interests.

This edition features Suzanne Jesse’s, MFT, article “What Came First? The Anxious Egg or the Addicted Chicken?” With increasing instances of dual diagnosis, Jesse sheds light on an important question facing clinicians: Which came first… your clients’ addiction or their anxiety symptoms?

Darryl Inaba, PharmD, CATC-V, CADC III, offers us the science of pot in “Marijuana: Its effects and mechanisms of action.”  Inaba debunks the myth that marijuana is merely an herb and not a drug. The science shows varying effects of marijuana on the body that are often controversial, but Inaba cautions everyone against cannibis abuse which is becoming increasingly potent and dangerous. 

In “What is Spirit Recovery?” Mary Faulkner, M.A., takes us on a journey from darkness to light, making a beautiful and elegant case for why it is important to embrace the mystery of life.  After reading this article, you may not be so afraid of the dark as you are intrigued by it.

In “The Family Scrimmage: The Daily Reality of the Addictive Family,” Susan Jackson, MFT, MS, describes new and more effective terminology for addiction as it affects the family system.  This new vocabulary brings into focus ideas and concepts that have been lost to us in the industry for a long time.

Andrew Susskind, LCSW, SEP, CGP, offers a look inside of a gender-specific program that he himself has taken part in. “If You Build It, They Will Come: The Transformational Space of Men’s Groups” is a unique article in which Susskind provides both a personal and clinical angle on the power of men’s therapy groups.

Jill Cooper’s article “EMDR as the Ideal Treatment for Addiction - Part 1” really makes a case for bilateral stimulation of the brain!  As the article demonstrates EMDR (eye movement de-sensitization and reprocessing) has been highly effective for trauma and addictions. Sometimes even more effective than traditional talk therapy.

Louise Stanger, LCSW, BRI II, CIP, shows us that increased instances of dual diagnosis is a sign of the changing times.  Read “Triple Threat: Beyond Substance Abuse and Other Mental Health Issues” to better understand dual diagnosis and how your treatment program can provide care to people afflicted by the triple threat.

In “CHOs Get a Bad Rap,” Susan Shapiro, PhD, MS, MS, RDN, FAND, CAMS-I teaches us how to select the right kinds of carbohydrates to produce the right kinds of physiological responses. This article gives us all a great excuse to incorporate delicious grain carbohydrates into our diet!

Cali Estes, MS, CAP, ICADC, IMAC, CYT, CPT, NCIP, in “Paradigm Shift:  The movement from Drug and Alcohol Treatment to a Coaching Model” brings to light how we can continue to make progress in recovery after we return home from residential care. 

Saleem Noorali, LCSW, has written on inner change before, but in “Compassion Attentiveness Therapy: Understanding the Nature of Transformation,” he takes the reader right into the nitty gritty of the process of change and describes what it means to be “transformed.”

Greg Liotta, MSW, invites all those involved in the recovery debates to come together in “The End Game We All Want: A Call to A.A.” Liotta explains that familiar models and new models can share wisdom in this new age of treatment and recovery.

It’s time to get serious about understanding addiction! In his Featured Blog Entry “A Fatal Disease,” Dr. Harry Haroutunian, MD, reminds us of the truly immense danger posed by addiction.  He also tells us that forgetting the enormity of the problem empowers the disease more than we realize.

Featured member, Suzanne Jesse, tells about her groundbreaking program, “Escape Anxiety.”  She also delves into how we can use her transformative Neurogenesis Meditative Therapy concepts in preventing future symptoms of anxiety.

International Sportscience Institute, our other featured member, blends both traditional and alternative medicine. ISI’s own Dr. Leroy Perry, Dr. Hyla Cass and Dr. Murray Susser have recently advanced NeuroRecover for addiction recovery. NeuroRecover is remarkably fast working and makes use of special nutritional formulas to produce long-lasting, positive effects. 

Among the resources you will find within this edition are two new books: Suzanne Jesse’s Escape Anxiety system and Darryl Inaba’s Beyond Opiates: The Evolving Science of Pain and Addiction (Darryl's Dopnenergic Dimensions Book 1).   Escape Anxiety is actually a full multi-media system containing a book, therapies on DVD, a workbook journal and more! Beyond Opiates is a short graphic novella describing how treatment of chronic pain using opiates can lead to addiction. recently hosted the East Coast Admissions & Marketing Symposium, which went excellently! Now, we are looking forward to the West Coast Admissions & Marketing event which will be held on September 2-3, 2015 in Los Angeles.  Be sure to register!

Thank you again to our authors, members and the sponsor of the current edition, Renew Magazine. 

The contributions for 2015 have been tremendously informative thus far and we are truly grateful for that.  We can’t wait to see the wonderful articles you have in store for us this summer.

Happy reading to all!

In Love and Light,

Josie and Jim Herndon

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