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Dan Howard

Medical Professionals at Risk for Substance Abuse

Prescription drug abuse, rampant among all demographics, is also affecting the medical community. A recent review indicates that more than one hundred thousand medical professionals—doctors, nurses, technicians, and aides—misuse or are addicted to medications that clearly affect their performance in the workplace.

Friday, November 14, 2014/Author: Dan Howard/Number of views (935)/Comments (0)/
Categories: Addiction Medicine
Dan Howard

When Does Drug Use Become Drug Addiction?

There’s a saying about a frog in a kettle: If you throw him into boiling water he’ll reflexively jump out. But, if you put him in warm water and let it heat slowly to a boil, he’ll get cooked. The point is that by the time he recognizes danger, its too late to extricate himself.

Saturday, August 30, 2014/Author: Dan Howard/Number of views (1021)/Comments (0)/

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