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Samira Noorali Beyond OpiatesBeyond Opiates

The Evolving Science of Pain and Addiction

CNS Productions’ recently released, Beyond Opiates: The Evolving Science of Pain and Addiction, a creative and educational book that offers the science behind addiction in a way that really hits home.   Written by industry experts Dr. Darryl S. Inaba and Paul Steinbroner, this book presents an intellectual and emotional journey of what it means to be an opiate addict.

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Samira Noorali Escape AnxietyEscape Anxiety

Escape Anxiety is more than just a self-help book, it is an entire system created by therapist and author, Suzanne Jesse. Relying upon tried and tested techniques as well as ancient wisdom, Jesse has designed a clinically sound system for dealing with anxiety that is available to the public for the first time.

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Samira Noorali

Poetry in Recovery: A New Dimension

Poetry has transformed my experience of recovery. And, has transformed me.

Being a young, Indo-Pakistani-American woman in rape recovery, I had many culturally-imposed dualisms to get over, Western and Eastern alike. Dualisms caused me to ask linguistically limiting and logically flawed questions like the following: Am I pure or adulterated? Am I at fault or am I innocent in relation to the rape? Am I good or bad in relation to the rest of the world around me? To say the least, my thought process was limited by the kind of dualistic language I was using. Years of explanations to therapist after therapist of how I felt seemed complete in some moments, but somehow abridged in other moments. I found the process of talking it out was often unfruitful for me, and that I needed a more complete way of processing my feelings. Eventually, I found that in writing poetry, I would be allowed to transcend the limitations of the kind of language we use when were talking about it.


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Samira Noorali

Movement against a dangerous Blue Cross policy requires impact statements from victims

In the last few years, a faulty health insurance policy has cost several addicts and mentally ill individuals their lives.  

In October 2013, Joan Borsten told that Blue Cross had issued payments directly to individuals in recovery, instead of paying the out-of-network treatment providers for whom the checks were meant.  The result?

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Samira Noorali


Rituals provide a way to connect with the emergent truths contained in powerful narratives.  Historically, mythical stories founded - and simultaneously reflected - the crux of community belief systems.    The communities then employed rituals to connect with those stories (and the power contained within) through reenactment of important narrative events.

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