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Andrew Susskind

If You Build It, They Will Come: The Transformational Space of Men’s Groups

Men’s therapy groups provide an exceptional opportunity for men to be fully themselves with one another. In addition to traditional roles men often play, they also have deeper longings for more meaningful, authentic contact in their lives, and group therapy is one venue where they get to practice the here-and-now experience of deeper connection and vulnerability. In his 1988 book Bradshaw: On The Family (which was later expanded into a PBS series), John Bradshaw made the distinction between human doings and human beings. Men’s groups offer a space for men to experience themselves more dimensionally, and less imprisoned in the doing role.

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Andrew Susskind From Now OnFrom Now On

Seven Keys to Purposeful Recovery

From Now On: Seven Keys to Purposeful Recovery makes each reader the writer of his of her own future.  Susskind uses a strengths-based approach derived from both coaching and positive psychology to gently guide readers through their quest for a purposeful life.

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