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Suzanne Jessee

What came first? The anxious egg or addicted chicken?

Funny title about a serious question!


Clinicians are faced with a very important task of vetting out whether or not patients presenting anxiety symptoms had those symptoms prior to their addiction, OR whether they developed them as a result of their addiction.  They also must determine whether the symptoms appeared a result of facing the overwhelming need to change their lives – completely. In fact, new research may make this question easier to answer. It is coming to light that at the root of all types of addiction, there is a desire to self-medicate the pain caused by mental illnesses – that includes painful or disturbing symptoms related to excessive anxiety.

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Suzanne Jessee

Neurogenesis Meditative Therapy (NMT)

Suzanne Jessee is the creator of Neurogenesis Meditative Therapy (NMT), a new clinical system that incorporates current knowledge of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as mindfulness practices.  Scientific advances that demonstrate how thoughts and meditations can affect the regeneration of neuronal pathways have directly informed Jessee’s invention of this new therapeutic style.

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Suzanne Jessee

Tear Down that Wall

Stress and anxiety are at the root of all addictions, which was eloquently communicated by Dr. Kevin McCauley in his film Pleasure Unwoven.

According the NIMH, roughly 90 percent of all primary care physician visits are due to stress related illnesses.  I think its time we take a closer look at how the West meets the East, or not. 

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