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Susan Jackson, MFT, MS

La Escaramuza Familiar: La Realidad Diaria de la Familia Adictiva

Al trabajar con la familia adictiva por muchos aƱos he encontrado que hay siete realidades importantes que afectan la recuperaciĆ³n de la familia. Una de esas realidades es lo que llamo la escaramuza familiar...
Saturday, December 19, 2015/Author: Susan Jackson, MFT, MS/Number of views (718)/Comments (0)/
Susan Jackson, MFT, MS

The Family Scrimmage

The Daily Reality of the Addictive Family

Working with addictive family’s for many years I have found that there are seven major realities that impact the family’s recovery. One of those realities is what I call the family scrimmage. I choose the word scrimmage to describe the daily reality of the addictive family because the word scrimmage, which is usually associated with football or some sport practice, is a word that accurately describes the addictive family reality. The word scrimmage originated in England in the late 1400s and literally means, “A rough and vigorous struggle that can lead to a bloody battle.”  In the addictive family there is always a daily rough and vigorous struggle when alcoholism or drug addiction exists. It is a fierce daily combat. People who have grown up in an addictive family understand the intensity of this daily struggle but not always the severity of it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015/Author: Susan Jackson, MFT, MS/Number of views (1119)/Comments (0)/
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