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Suzanne Jessee

What came first? The anxious egg or addicted chicken?

Funny title about a serious question!


Clinicians are faced with a very important task of vetting out whether or not patients presenting anxiety symptoms had those symptoms prior to their addiction, OR whether they developed them as a result of their addiction.  They also must determine whether the symptoms appeared a result of facing the overwhelming need to change their lives – completely. In fact, new research may make this question easier to answer. It is coming to light that at the root of all types of addiction, there is a desire to self-medicate the pain caused by mental illnesses – that includes painful or disturbing symptoms related to excessive anxiety.

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Dr. Stephen Brodsky

Socially Phobic Extroverts: The Valedictorian No One Saw Alone

Many children with severe social phobia are never identified because they
masquerade as extroverts.

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