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Samira Noorali

Poetry in Recovery: A New Dimension

Poetry has transformed my experience of recovery. And, has transformed me.

Being a young, Indo-Pakistani-American woman in rape recovery, I had many culturally-imposed dualisms to get over, Western and Eastern alike. Dualisms caused me to ask linguistically limiting and logically flawed questions like the following: Am I pure or adulterated? Am I at fault or am I innocent in relation to the rape? Am I good or bad in relation to the rest of the world around me? To say the least, my thought process was limited by the kind of dualistic language I was using. Years of explanations to therapist after therapist of how I felt seemed complete in some moments, but somehow abridged in other moments. I found the process of talking it out was often unfruitful for me, and that I needed a more complete way of processing my feelings. Eventually, I found that in writing poetry, I would be allowed to transcend the limitations of the kind of language we use when were talking about it.


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