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Susan Andra Lion

How the Trees Got Their Voices

Susan Andra Lion, author and illustrator of How the Trees Got Their Voices, is helping young readers become aware of the deep connection between all living things in the connected world of a forest ecosystem.  Through her visually compelling and highly imaginative story of how Mother Earth gave the trees their voices, children learn that all the Earth's inhabitants live in relation to each other, and the value of respect for all forms of life. This unique book helps its readers regard their world as a complex tapestry of life and living things.

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Relapse Prevention Plan from Dr. Harry Haroutunian

While many of us want to live life as an art, sometimes we must live it as a science... with a plan and with precision. 

See Dr. Harry Haroutunians words below and learn what you may need to do in order to prevent relapse for yourself or someone you love.

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Temple Hayes on When Did You Die?:

8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day & Start Waking Up

Since my 20s, I have been intrigued by the notion of wholeness.  It often took an extraordinary life event to awaken me from the dullness of the daily grind.  But, there were some ordinary and dull moments that were transformed into something brighter when I put my whole self into them.

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