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Addiction Therapeutic Services

Addiction Therapeutic Services Intensive Outpatient Program and Sober Living

Addiction Therapeutic Services Intensive Outpatient Program (ATS) is located amidst lovely mountains and the lively atmosphere of downtown Palm Springs. It is an ideal place for those who are seeking addiction treatment while trying to launch into productive and meaningful lives. 

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Greg Liotta, MSW

Where Are All The Black People: Diversity & the Changing Face of Recovery

"Do I have to have an open mind on this one?

Hes one of the brightest, emotionally intelligent men I know.   A force in the addictions field, a respected leading clinician, a long-time member of the recovery community with over 20 years clean & sober, and my friend.  But when the conversation turned to the new messaging about recovery thats sweeping the country, the gates of his mind slammed shut.  

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Patricia O’Gorman, PhD

Why Your Girly Thoughts Are Harmful to You . . . and What You Can Do About Them!

Have you ever wondered, as I have, why women are more represented among those who use psychotherapy? Do women really have more problems? Do they strive for greater insight? Or are they just more aware?

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Connie Miller

Souldrama: A Spiritual Awakening Within the Group

Step12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others suffering from addiction and to practice these principles in all our affairs. (AA, 2001)

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Tian Dayton



When it comes to treating trauma, the body needs to be involved for full feeling and healing to occur. Simply moving the body in a natural fashion through walking or using space to concretize and represent relational closeness, distance, power or lack thereof, can bring emotions out of hiding and into the therapeutic milieu. When we move, our limbic system engages. Simply walking across the room kickstarts a cascade of body chemicals. Movement is a warm up to feeling. RTR allows for such natural movement to occur within the context of a group, being simultaneously personal and interpersonal.

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