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Arlene Rosen

Mother on a Lifelong Mission:

The NCADD Marty Mann Founder’s Award was established to honor individuals of national prominence in the field of alcoholism and other drug problems whose life work strongly reflects the energy, dedication, and focus exemplified by NCADD's founder, Mrs. Marty Mann. The award recognizes at least ten years of exceptional contributions to public and professional education about alcoholism and other drug problems as treatable and preventable conditions and as major public health concerns. This award honors life achievement.” -National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence,

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Larry Smith

Get Real Recovery Gets Personal

There is a term, “treatment-savvy”. It refers to the experience gained by people who have been through multiple treatment programs and, therefore, know the answers to all the questions, are familiar with every treatment technique, and can sail through any protocol you throw their way – in short, they ace treatment. Interestingly, they also seem to keep coming back to treatment. Why is this?

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MedPro Billing

MedPro Billing

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to process a claim for a client through insurance – during which you’ve been passed from person to person, none of whom could actually help you – imagine someone coming alongside you and saying, “Let me call the head of the insurance company and get this worked out for you – I have his cell phone number.” And they do. And you get paid for your services. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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Herb Kaighan

Forgiveness Is a Process, Not an Event

A forgiving person has no past. An unforgiving person has no future.

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Sage Breslin

Gaining Perspective

Holidays with Heart

With the advent of the holiday season, many people experience more than a little overwhelm. This season may even trigger emotional, social, and behavioral symptoms that are not always welcomed with open arms.

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