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Mindfulness and Healing in an Outpatient Setting

Wendy Mullen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Professional Life Coach in Los Angeles, California, as well as co-founder and director of SOAR Outpatient and Recovery located in Malibu, California. SOAR offers a modern approach to healing from alcohol and drug addiction integrating Mindfulness, Life Coaching and 12-Step Recovery as core life skills to develop one’s own inner wisdom for living and awareness.

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Categories: Spirituality
Stephen Sideroff

The Integration of Neurofeedback and Shamanic Approaches in the Treatment of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse behavior appears to have multiple interrelated causes.  Predisposing genetic and neurobiological factors interact with family environment dynamics and early trauma to create a personal internal milieu that is primed and sensitized for craving and addictive behaviors.

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Categories: Neuroscience
Terence Gorski

Building a Rock Solid Recovery: A Blue Print For Sobriety

Recovery is a process of progressive growth and change.  Just as children must progress through various stages of childhood and adolescence to become adults, chemically dependent people must progress through various stages of recovery in order to achieve a meaningful and fulfilling sobriety.

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Allen Berger

The Myth of Resistance

If you have worked with addicts then I am certain you have confronted the so called “difficult patient” and said something like, “You don’t want to get well! Your disease is in control.”
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Relapse Prevention: Awfulizing Sobriety

In aiding our patients to prevent relapse, one common area of focus is to help them recognize when they are engaging in what Terence Gorski calls: euphoric recall.  

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