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Allen Berger

Nourishing and Toxic Attitudes in Recovery

Recovery capital is a relatively new concept in the field of recovery.


Let’s define this concept.


Our recovery capital is determined by the number of external and internal assets that we have which support recovery. External assets are things like having a home group that we attend regularly, or a good connection with our sponsor, or the support of our family, etc.  Legal problems can also be an external asset because they provide a certain level of motivation to change. A few examples of internal assets are our level of commitment to recovery, the degree to which we have accepted our devastating weakness, our attitude towards our problems and our attitude towards ourselves and others.

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Dan Howard

When Does Drug Use Become Drug Addiction?

There’s a saying about a frog in a kettle: If you throw him into boiling water he’ll reflexively jump out. But, if you put him in warm water and let it heat slowly to a boil, he’ll get cooked. The point is that by the time he recognizes danger, its too late to extricate himself.

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Scott Kiloby

The Bottom Line in Recovery

Our work at the Kiloby Center for Recovery centers on an advanced mindfulness approach I developed called Natural Rest for Addiction.  This method is based on helping clients relax into the natural peace and joy of the present moment and inquiring into and releasing painful thoughts, emotions and sensations. 

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Herb Kaighan

Healing Circuit

If there is a Reality we call God, by definition It is Everything:


·         It cannot become something;

·         It does not need anything;

·         It exists unconditionally.

Anything that is, comes from this Everything – Source overflowing Itself – an act of giving without expectation. We call that Love.

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Josie and Jim Herndon

Letter from the Editors

We would like to begin by wishing all of you a Happy National Recovery Month! The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has announced that this year’s National Recovery Month theme is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Speak Up, Reach Out.”  We hope that you will celebrate with us by contributing articles and being an active voice in the dialogue. Also, please remember to partake in your local community’s red ribbon events!

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