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Dave Green

AAC Holdings, Inc. Issues Statement on California Department of Justice Actions

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – (July 29, 2015) AAC Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AAC)offered the following comments in response to anindictment returned by a grand jury and unsealed today in connection with an investigation by the California Department of Justice. The indictment asserts charges against subsidiaries of AAC and two current and three former employees.  Additional comments will be provided as future events dictate. Until such time, the Company will be limited in its disclosures on this matter.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015/Author: Dave Green/Number of views (754)/Comments (0)/
Carmen Harra, PhD

An Excerpt from The Karma Queens Guide to Relationships

By Dr. Carmen Harra, PhD and Alexandra Harra

"Throughout my career, I have seen everything from couples who married their childhood loves to people in their retirement years who still struggle with commitment issues. Most of us fall somewhere between these two extremes, meaning that we experience several relationships before finding the person we believe to be our perfect pairing. Whether you're currently married, in a relationship, or contemplating entering a relationship with a new love interest, it is crucial that you know what role this person will play in your life. After all, there's no avoiding the inevitable, often uncomfortable question we must ask ourselves: Is this the person I was bound by destiny to share my life with? Or did I settle too quickly into a relationship with someone who can never complete me? Answering these questions honestly can be hard without a bit of guidance. There are ten signs that indicate a soul mate bond (or a lack of) between you and your partner.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015/Author: Carmen Harra, PhD/Number of views (669)/Comments (0)/
Dr. David Villarreal

Your Immune System is at Risk with the Wrong Dental Filling Material...

And Protective Protocols are Paramount for Silver Filling Removal

Most people don't realize that their fillings can be highly dangerous to their overall health. We have decapitated the patient and forgot that what we place in a   person's mouth has a direct effect on their immune system via the meridian pathways. If someone has a silver filling, that person's body is burdened by the mercury content in those fillings. If they have a porcelain crown, they might have a nickel-based metal. Mercury and nickel are the heaviest metals on this planet-and mercury is the most toxic.That being said,we are adding another burden to our bodies which already have to deal with so many other burdens like diet, environmental pollutions, and stress!!

Monday, August 17, 2015/Author: Dr. David Villarreal/Number of views (847)/Comments (0)/
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Steve Ross

ADDICTION IS A MORAL ISSUE: The Need for Shifting Paradigms

By Ann Temple, LMHC, LADCI

Here’s an interesting scenario: While shopping in the local grocery store, located in a strip mall in the mid‐

Cape Cod area, I overheard a conversation between two women. They were talking about their neighbors who,

tragically, had recently lost their 22 year old son to a heroin overdose. They were remarking about “kids these

days” and “the drug problem on the Cape.” Each expressed opinions — mostly about who to blame — and sorrow.

Unfortunately, neither expressed very much shock.

Monday, August 17, 2015/Author: Steve Ross/Number of views (264)/Comments (0)/
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