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Robert Hammond

Creative Writing and Recovery:

In the beginning was the word. Since the dawn of civilization, the storyteller has held a unique role in guiding, inspiring, and transforming individuals and communities.
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Addiction Treatment on the Trail

Drug and alcohol abuse, along with accompanying variations of promiscuity, anxiety, video game addiction and poor eating and hygiene habits, are disturbingly prevalent among today’s young adults. “Failure to launch” is an increasingly common term used to describe a son or daughter who is an adult chronologically, but still a teenager developmentally. It’s only natural for parents to want the best for their children, and this sometimes leads them to inadvertently enable non-working behavior. The classic example of this is the young adult living on mom and dad’s couch – they don’t want to kick him out, but they also don’t want him staying on the couch forever. Parents often feel lost in these situations, unsure how to motivate their adult child while also knowing that the lack of traction is unhealthy and damaging not just to the young adult, but often to the entire family.
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