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Jack Hinman

Cutting and Self-Harm

Cutting, or self-harming, is intentional self-injurious behavior resulting in tissue damage, illness, and/or risk of death. Cutting is generally not done with suicidal intent, though teens who engage in self-harming behaviors are at a statistically higher risk for suicide. Despite what your teen may report, these acts of self-mutilation do not represent typical or harmless adolescent behavior. Self-harming behavior is symptomatic of serious underlying emotional or mental health issues that should be addressed with the support of a mental-health professional.
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6 Signs Your Alcoholic Loved One May Be Relapsing

For the budding alcoholic/addict in recovery, relapse is all too often a nanosecond away. Even for the well-seasoned soul who has practiced a clean and sober lifestyle for many years, relapse may be in a deep, dormant sleep but can be aroused with a touch of a feather.

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