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Solutions Treatment Center

Solutions Treatment Center

Fortunately, if you need intensive outpatient treatment aftercare for your substance abuse addiction, you have many choices throughout the nation. Unfortunately, if you need extended-care or a transitional treatment program for behavioral and emotional health issues or dual diagnosis, your choices are practically non-existent.

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Joan Borsten

Malibu Beach Recovery Center®, Joan Borsten

If you search for residential drug and alcohol treatment in Malibu, Calif., you will find nearly two million results. Among the first listings, you will see Malibu Beach Recovery Centers® and may be drawn in to its site by its elegant and calming blue-and-white pages and become curious about what makes it special.

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Dr. Mohammad, M.D.

Malibu Horizon - Dr. Mohammad

Editor’s Note: While interviewing Dr. Mohammad, M.D., founder and Medical Director of Malibu Horizon, I found his answers to be so eloquent that I decided to share his own words in a question and answer format.

RecoveryView: It’s so nice to speak with you. Please tell me what makes Malibu Horizon unique in the world of addictions treatment centers.

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Dr. Joe Terhaar

The Voice of Recovery - Dr. Joe Terhaar

If you want to be an interesting person, be interested in everything. If this is true, then Dr. Joe Terhaar may just be one of the most interesting men around (with apologies to the Dos Equis ironic).

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Cynthia Peterson

Sobriety Navigator – Cynthia Peterson

Sometimes you just need to get it all out. Sharing your experience and the emotions attached to it is not only scientifically proven to be healing, it’s subjectively proven – you know it works because you feel better once you’ve let it go.

This is a simplified way of describing, an online forum for anyone who wants to talk about real life with addictions – whether from a personal struggle with drugs or alcohol, or a family member’s journey, or even what really happens in treatment professionals’ offices. It’s raw and real and totally safe and non-judgmental.

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