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Living the EnerQi Connection

Living the EnerQi Connection

Author: Sheri Laine/Tuesday, March 10, 2015/Categories: Book Store

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Sheri Laine’s Living the Enerqi Connection is a practical exploration of the inner power that exists within us all.  Laine begins by narrating her own journey with acupuncture, setting the stage for readers to understand the importance of forging connections between ourselves and the energies contained in the things around us. According to Laine, even foods and herbs carry their own Qi!

In this book, Laine encourages readers to self-assess and actively engage in activities that keep the Qi flowing so that we can all experience strength and vibrancy in our daily lives.  Laine describes foundational elements of oriental medicine and explains the concept of Qi while weaving in easy-to-follow advice. She even offers a nutritional eating plan! 

Laine’s book demonstrates her skills as an acupuncturist and as a writer as she frequently draws on science and helpful metaphors. All in all, Living in the EnerQi Connection makes a compelling case for deliberately working to remove obstructions and allowing our EnerQi to flow!


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