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Happy Holidays & New Year!

Happy Holidays & New Year!

Many Blessings from Josie & Jim Herdon

Author: Josie and Jim Herndon/Saturday, December 19, 2015/Categories: Letter from The Editor

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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Holiday festivities are here and will be bringing heaps of happiness and joy. We are thrilled to welcome the blessings of family, friends and fun this winter, and are especially excited to spend time with our new grand-babies!

With the recent turmoil in several parts of the world, we are feeling especially grateful to be safe and sound with our family. We are sending heartfelt prayers for those who were wounded in the senselessness and those who lost loved ones. We truly hope that the healing thoughts and the loving prayers of people around the world will bring comfort and peace to all.

As we bring 2016 to a close and prepare for the New Year, we are pleased to present the Holiday Edition of which is our expression of love and commitment to the recovery industry. has gone through important changes this year, and we are brimming with happiness as we provide you with FREE, high quality education on behavioral health.
The sponsor of our Holiday edition is Addiction Therapeutic Services Intensive Outpatient Program, which celebrated its two-year anniversary this summer!

Among the resources you will find here are a new book and an online show! Sue Jackson’s book, The Family Scrimmage: An Introduction to The Seven Realities of the Addictive Family System presents some exciting new vocabulary for family treatment in addictions. This edition also contains the first episode of Dr. Reef Karim’s online show Reef Madness entitled “Weed Nation: Moving Beyond Legalization.” The show skillfully brings together entertainment and education on behavioral health.
This edition also contains wonderful pieces by experts in the industry.

Dr. Louise’s Stanger’s article “Don’t let the Holidays Turn you into A Fruitcake” provides some excellent tips and tricks on how to stay emotionally healthy during the holidays!
In “Delivering Mental Health News: Be Different,” Reef Karim, D.O. explains to us that keeping up with millennials is essential for disseminating mental health news. The new terrain may be a little daunting, but is very important if we want to continue to educate the masses!

Jill Cooper, Ph.D.’s captivating May Edition article on EMDR is continued here as “Part 2: EMDR as an Ideal Treatment for Addiction.” We are thrilled to learn more about the unique benefits of EMDR in both trauma and addiction.

Addiction Therapeutic Services’ Clinical Director, Saleem Noorali, LCSW, breaks down the process of transformation in his article “Compassion Attentiveness Therapy, Part 2: Understanding the Nature of Transformation.” The article ties Compassion Attentiveness to the trusted and familiar Cognitive Behavioral therapeutic style, and ultimately shows how the two in conjunction can yield wonderful results.

Ann Temple, our newest contributor, has authored a very thought-provoking article called “Addiction is a Moral Issue: The need for shifting paradigms.” The article challenges the morality of how we are dealing with ever-increasing instances of addiction. She strongly advocates for long-term residential treatment to become the standard.

“Are we just talking to ourselves: Bringing Recovery Talk to the Mainstream” is an article by Ruth Riddick, another new contributor we’re excited to have on board. This article challenges the anonymity rules that addicts in recovery have come to live by. There is also an interesting international element to this piece!

“Enable-ism: The Self-Centered Nature of the Family Dealing with a Loved One’s Addiction,” written by Bill Woodbury, CADC II, ICADC, explains how enabling is more than just a problem in the family system. It’s a pattern that requires its own vocabulary and its own -ism!

Ron Prosky’s candid and clear writing style always makes for a treat at “Part 2: Effective Web Exposure within The Recovery Industry” is rich in information about web development and marketing and is an essential read for anyone who wants an online presence in the industry.

Our, Creative Editor, presents a special holiday article entitled “Four Ideas To Help You Discover The Artist Within This Holiday Season.” This article teaches artists of all levels and genres how to maximize their joy and fun through mindful writing, group singing and community crafts!

This edition, we are proudly stepping out of our usual language-zone and bringing you a sampling of a Spanish endeavor from His House/New Creation. In an effort to include the Spanish-speaking readers, Clinical Director, Sue Jackson and Counselor, Mary Rocha, have prepared a wonderful article called “La Escaramuza Familiar: La Realidad Diaria de la Familia Adictiva.” Read and enjoy!

Sue Jackson is not only spearheading efforts in Spanish-language literature on addiction, she is also the Featured Member this month. Read the interview to learn more about how Sue’s experience in working with gang members and addicts and eventually led to profound realizations about family treatment.

Our other Featured Member this month is Reef Karim, D.O., who is also the creator of our Featured Show, Reef Madness. Dr. Reef has devoted his career to behavior health. A true expert in the field, he is a well-known educator, trainer, speaker and author. He is also Founder and Medical Director of The Control Center in Beverly Hills.

We look forward to seeing how you all engage with the content provided by our dedicated authors during this month of multi-faith and multicultural holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah! The articles and videos are here to help you as you make your way to success in this burgeoning industry, and also to spark dialogue among readers and professionals. So, we invite you to watch, read, learn and comment!
With the New Year right around the corner, we want to see brand new articles from you too, so be sure to contact our Creative Editor at if you have content that you think will help others in our field.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season!

In Love and Light,
Josie and Jim Herndon

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