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Malibu Beach Recovery Center
Posted on 23-Aug-2013 07:37:23 PM
Malibu Beach Recovery Center
Primary focus - Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Treatment

Services provided - Holistic component: Low Glycemic Diet and intensive yoga breathing exercises enhanced by natural food supplements. Traditional component: Group therapy, individual therapy, Family Therapy, art therapy, music therapy, 12 Step Approach.

Type of Care - Detox and Residential (28 days), Transitional Living (62 days)

Philosophy - The Malibu Beach Recovery Center uses a neuro-biological approach to restore and balance the chemistry of the brain, and rejuvenate the body's natural reward system. This system utilizes very specific natural nutritional food supplements in combination with carefully selected yoga-type exercises and low glycemic "Recovery Diet" to create a sold foundation for long-term recovery. Clients quickly and efficiently achieve a sense of comfort and well-being, allowing them to get the full benefit of daily educational groups, individual therapy and 12-Step work.

Family program description - Because addiction is a family disease, it is essential to provide family members with relevant information and education about what to do, and what not to do to help their recovering family member maintain sobriety. The Family Support Program is held on the second or third weekend of a client's stay at the Clinic and lasts for 2 days. We strong encourage the families and/or close friends of our clients to participate as the Family Support Program includes educational lectures about the nature of addiction and co-dependency, an introduction to the Malibu Beach Recovery Center's treatment program, a chance to participate in the exercise sessions, and take a Recovery Diet cooking class. The family members meet with MBRC therapists to discuss their family members' recovery progress, and his or her personal treatment plan. During this time the family members will have an opportunity to discuss their individual problems and questions with the therapists. At the end of the Family Support Program, the family participates in a family session with their recovery family member, the goal of which is to prepare the family to accept the client's new character and start building a new relationship.

Conditions treatment - Alcohol and chemical dependency, depression, certain dual diagnoses.

Admission criteria - Co-ed, over 18.

Modalities - Diabetic track.

Licensing - State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

Accepts insurance - Yes

Payment options - Loans available to qualified investors through

Number beds - 6

Specialty - Chemical Dependencies, Dual Diagnosis

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