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Vista Taos Renewal Center
Posted on 23-Aug-2013 08:23:35 PM
Vista Taos Renewal Center
Primary focus - Vista Taos Renewal Center is a private, residential treatment program conveniently located in Taos, New Mexico, approximately 85 miles north of Santa Fe. Our program focuses on alcohol and drug treatment through a holistic approach to best meet the individual needs of each patient. Our smaller size allows us to provide truly personalized service within an intimate setting. 

Services provided - Primary Treatment at Vista Taos Renewal Center provides residential rehab services and support within a structured environment to men and women 18 and older, in need of addiction treatment. Our skilled and caring staff includes trained professionals that are licensed or certified in their specific areas of expertise. Respecting the specific needs of our patients, the clinical team develops and implements individualized treatment plans. With the powerful dynamics of a group setting we address such critical issues as alcoholism and drug addictions, codependence, gambling addiction, relationship addiction, other compulsive behaviors, childhood trauma, and depression. Utilizing a variety of educational and experiential techniques, group process and 12-step orientation; patients actively participate in a meaningful and comprehensive treatment experience. Primary Treatment provides the tools and techniques for each patient to begin the journey of recovery. Under the guidance and support of our experienced and professional staff, patients can begin their path of recovery to self-responsibility with the goal of improving effectiveness in major life skills. A key element of Primary Treatment is the Family Program. Each patient is encouraged to invite family members for this week long program which offers them an opportunity to participate in the recovery process by attending groups, activities and lectures to educate family on the disease of addiction and how they can participate in the healing process. As an additional healing modality, a weekly massage therapy session is included as part of the treatment program. The purpose of massage therapy is to lessen withdrawal symptoms, reinhabit their bodies and increase overall well-being.

Philosophy - Our mission is provide you with the hope and help necessary to overcome the suffering from addiction and renew your spirit. Vista Taos will provide you with the tools needed to begin your personal transformation.

Family program description - Family involvement is an important element in an individual’s recovery. Vista Taos offers a five day program for family members and/or significant others to provide support, education and guidance in addressing the needs of the family and the patient within the recovery process. The Family Program at Vista Taos Renewal Center is intended to positively impact patients’ progress and prognosis for success by providing an opportunity for family members to gain insights and healing for themselves. Family members actively participate to work on core issues, communication, boundaries, forgiveness and reconciliation. We encourage all family members to attend this week long therapeutic program to expand their understanding of the disease of addiction, how family dynamics play a role in the process and to benefit from this healing experience. Upon admission, you will let us know which family members should be invited to participate in the Family Program. Our Family Therapist will contact the family member(s) to confirm their plans. Please bring family members/significant others contact addresses and phone numbers that you would like us to extend an invitation to. The Family Program occurs on a biweekly basis, beginning on Monday at 8:30 am and ending on Friday at 2:00 p.m. Family week for two (2) family members is included in the cost of treatment. There is an additional $500 fee for each additional family member who wishes to participate. Family Program schedules and recommendations for lodging will be provided upon admission. Transportation, lodging and meals are the responsibility of the family. For more information, or to speak with a counselor, please complete the form to the left or call us directly at 1-800-245-8267.

Specialty - Chemical Dependencies

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