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New Life House - Giving Life a Second Chance
Posted on 28-Jan-2014 05:52:23 PM
New Life House - Giving Life a Second Chance
New Life House - Giving Life a Second Chance

Whether family lives near or far from the Greater Los Angeles area, New Life House’s age-specific structured sober living paradigm for young men is steeped in family. However, they don’t believe drug dependence happens overnight and it can’t be a quick fix either.  30, 60 or 90-day solutions don’t work for the 18 to 32 year old male who sees himself as invincible.  New Life House operates on the premise that no one does this alone and since 1985 has been offering hope and solutions for parents with struggling sons. 

NLH has found that an age-specific structured sober living produces lasting sobriety. Living sober is more than abstaining from drugs and alcohol.  Once the stimulants or depressants are removed from their systems, addicts are left with an amalgam of unhealthy behaviors that present themselves only under certain circumstances.  A structured sober living environment is specifically designed to bring these traits out and dealt with brother-to-brother, man-to-man.  These toxic thoughts, actions, behaviors, and attitudes specific to men are methodically handled in a respectful and protected arena.

During the family component at New Life House, parents learn that addiction does not care where you come from, how much money you have, what color or religion you are, it is a universal primary complex brain disorder that affects one in every twelve adults (NCADD, Inc.).  Alcoholism and drug dependence can affect all aspects of a person’s life and long-term use can cause serious health complications affecting virtually every organ in the body, including the brain.  It can also damage emotional stability, finances, career, and impact family, friends and the entire community in which an alcoholic or drug abuser lives.  Parents also learn the key factor: that the addict needs to be temporarily removed from his using territory in order to achieve results and placed in a peer centered environment. 

New Life House offers a unique family-style approach to drug and alcohol dependence. Young men are given all the necessary tools for a happy, thriving life.  They learn accountability, goal setting, the value of keeping their word and how their behavior affects the family.  Family stays involved throughout the entire process, attending weekly parent meetings, dinners, a parent mentor program and receiving weekly updates.  The out-of-town parent is kept in close contact too, receiving weekly updates, having a parent mentor and visiting according to their schedules. 

The sober community at New Life House has grown exponentially over almost thirty years to include hundreds of active sober members but they couldn’t do it without family support.  New Life House is honored to be able to give young men and their families a second chance at life.



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