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Boisea Trivittatus, better known as the boxelder bug, emerges from the recesses of homes and dwellings in the early spring. ...

Scott Miller,
04 Nov, 2013

Alcohol Vaccine: A True Advance in the Treatment...

A new alcohol vaccine being developed in Chile by Dr. Juan Asenjo is in Stage 2 clinical trials. The vaccine builds on what...

John Lavitt
04 Nov, 2013

Twelve Step Programs and Neurobiology: How the...

Why do we so often feel better after attending a twelve step meeting? Why, even on days when we don’t have any huge “ahas”...

Tian Dayton, , TEP
16 Sep, 2013

On Culture and Addiction

In this article I want to discuss how our culture sets us up for becoming an addict. Before I do it’s important to realize we...

Allen Berger,
30 Aug, 2013

Part II: On Human Development and the False-Self

In my previous article I discussed the cultural forces that predispose us for addiction. At the risk of sounding paranoid I...

Allen Berger,
30 Aug, 2013
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