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Recent studies have shown that a high percentage of all chronic pain patients also struggle with traumatic stress. Findings also...

Maggie Phillips,
12 Jan, 2015

So You Want to Be an Interventionist! (Part Two)

I hope you enjoyed Part One, of So You Want To Be An Interventionist! I will now continue with Part Two. Please remember, in...

Ed Storti
11 Nov, 2013

HELPS: Identifying the Rock Bottom for a...

When is it too late for an intervention? I believe as long as an addict is breathing it is never too late, you never give up....

Ken Seeley
11 Nov, 2013

So You Want to Be an Interventionist! – Part...

A few years ago a treatment magazine highlighted an expose on the intervention industry.  One of the quotes in the article...

Ed Storti
11 Nov, 2013

Intervention vs. Hitting Bottom

It was believed by professionals in the drug and alcohol treatment field, and even those recovering in , that a...

Pat Moomey
11 Nov, 2013

What If I Was in the Presence of Greatness?

Have you ever played the game, “If you could go back in time and have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be?”  The...

Jean Mackie, BA, CADC, BRI,...
11 Nov, 2013

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