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To My Client in Recovery

I hope you stay clean and sober. I may not have a crystal ball, but I do know your life will be better with sobriety. With...

Dr. Alia Kaneaiakala
06 Mar, 2018

Celebrating Full Recovery from Addiction: Part 3

In Part 3 of this interview with New Harbinger Publications, Scott Kiloby reveals the how the power of present moment awareness...

Scott Kiloby,
08 Dec, 2017

Becoming Aware of Your Resistance

Did you know that you are fearless, generous beyond thought, gracious, creative, able to shape shift your des­tiny? You...

Lynn Andrews
08 Dec, 2017

The Gift of Forgiveness and Love

I am a passionate and dedicated professional engaged in the treatment of addiction and other mental health disorders and...

Jessica Rodriguez, PhD, MAC,...
15 Jul, 2017

Celebrating Full Recovery from Addiction PART TWO...

In part two of this interview, Scott Kiloby goes deeper into the question of what addiction really means, and how the question of...

Scott Kiloby,
15 Jul, 2017

Setting goals to change your life

Years ago, when I first began my chiropractic practice as a shy, introverted woman literally afraid of her own shadow, I was...

Dr. Joan Hangarter, ,
15 Jul, 2017

Is God Necessary

If God is:             It is …  a Reality that has no beginning and has no end. Infinite! ...

Herb Kaighan
15 Jul, 2017

Being a Beginner

Being a beginner at anything can be scary. But, as we go through life’s trials, willingness to be a beginner often turns out to...

Samira Noorali,
15 Jul, 2017

Better Sex Through Sober Dating—Yes You Can!

Sometimes life is full of surprises, good few weeks ago,I had a wonderful writer for contacted me about an article she was...

Patricia O'Gorman, PhD
19 Apr, 2017

The Wonky Side of Energy

Do you ever wonder if the energy of others (and even people you don\'t know) could affect you? Let me tell you, the simple answer...

Candy Barone, CEO
19 Apr, 2017

Celebrating Full Recovery from Addiction PART 1:...

In Part One of this interview through New Harbinger Publications, Scott Kiloby shares his personal journey of addiction, recovery...

Scott Kiloby,
19 Apr, 2017

Stepping into your Personal Power

A challenge to stepping into your personal power, manifesting your destiny, your mission and purpose in this lifetime, is the...

Dr. Joan Hangarter, ,
19 Apr, 2017

Recovery and Self Care for Women on the Front...

Two years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to work with the most giving, loving, self-less women I have ever met at a...

DeJeanne Taylor, MFT
19 Apr, 2017

Does It Make Your Heart Sing?

Does it make my heart sing, has been my guiding mantra for most of my life. It’s been that call to remember that what my heart...

Dr. Joan Hangarter, ,
25 Feb, 2017

How Does the Program Really Work?

My previous article was “When Did Meetings Become the Program?” This article addresses my understanding and experience of how...

Herb Kaighan
25 Feb, 2017

Staying Sober Through the Holidays

The Holidays are always a tough time of year for anyone who suffers from any addiction: process addictions, substance abuse,...

Cali Estes, MS, ICADC, CAP,...
10 Dec, 2016

Christmas Holiday, Forgiveness and Resiliency

I neared the last day of November. The dark sky loomed at 7:00am and the rain pounded on my window, yet, in my Spirit, I heard...

Jessica Rodriguez, PhD, MAC,...
10 Dec, 2016

Joy Hacking and the Future of Happiness

I popped the pink pill into my mouth and waited for the expected feelings of ecstasy.  No, the pill wasn\'t the drug XTC,...

Jonathan Robinson, MA, MFT
08 Sep, 2016

HerbK: Personal transformation around the world...

Herbert Kaighan, a 12-Step enthusiast and contributor, has been activating the spirit of recovery in people since the 1980s. His...

Herb Kaighan
15 Aug, 2016

The GRATITUDE Challenge

Springtime is always remnant of a fresh bud, ready to bloom. It is traditionally a time of Renewal and Reflection. We all start...

Louise Stanger, , LCSW, CDWF....
15 Aug, 2016


Have you neglected the artist within over the course of the year? Are you a new to artistic expression? Well, this holiday season...

Samira Noorali,
02 Jun, 2016

A Look at Happy Sobriety

Happiness is a state of well-being, contentment, joy, bliss, satisfaction and delight, as we are told by Merriam-Webster....

Michele Garcia
12 Jan, 2015


“… rituals are the ‘secret weapons’ of the world\'s most accomplished people – from sports stars to corporate...

Samira Noorali,
28 Oct, 2014

Healing Circuit

If there is a Reality we call God, by definition It is Everything:   ·         It cannot become...

Herb Kaighan
30 Aug, 2014
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