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Joint Commission Accreditation: Our residential adolescent treatment program has proudly held the Gold Seal of accreditation from the Joint Commission for over a decade.  The Gold Seal is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a healthcare organization and with it comes a guarantee that your child’s treatment will be second to none.  You can read more about the Gold Seal and what you can expect from an accredited healthcare organization here.

Duration:  We ask for a minimum commitment of forty-five days. This is because our clinical team feels that forty-five days is the minimum amount of time it should take for program participation to produce the lasting results you are hoping for.  There is no maximum, but a typical stay is somewhere between forty-five and ninety days.

Tier System: The program is structured around a tier system.  Your child will earn privileges as they acquire coping skills and demonstrate an increased capacity for healthy self-regulation.  There are five tiers starting at tier one and a client must maintain a tier level of five for two consecutive weeks to be considered for graduation.

Therapeutic Programming: Your child will participate in a number of clinician-led support and skills groups throughout the day. Topics include distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, anger management, mindfulness and more.  Treatment modalities used include cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and the twelve-step model of recovery.  In addition to group therapy your child will attend three or four individual sessions per week and one to two family sessions per week. He or she will be seen by our board-certified staff psychiatrist once per week at minimum.

Academics: Your child will keep up with their school work in our classroom under the supervision of an academic coordinator.  You will be asked to coordinate with your child’s school on a weekly basis to return completed assignments and obtain new study material.

Fitness and Nutrition: Your child will be taken to the gym six days per week and encouraged to engage in an appropriate amount of physical activity for their fitness level.

Family Therapy: It is our belief that no child can fully recover in the absence of family involvement and support.  To that end you will be expected to participate in your child’s treatment in three important ways; family therapy sessions with your child’s individual therapist, weekly parent support groups for parents only and our signature multi-family restoration group.  Parents whose participation may be limited due to geography will participate via telephone and teleconference.

Multi-Family Restoration Group – The multi-family group takes place every Saturday.  You and your child will participate in a full day of psycho-educational programming aimed at rebuilding relationships, healing old wounds and re-aligning the family system. Breakfast and lunch are catered.

Interesting New Information

Adolescent Growth just hired a new eating disorder therapist. Alison Foster has been in the field for 11 years and is a strong believer in DBT. Alison’s goals for treatment are to increase stress tolerance skills, strengthen relationship with parents, manage uncomfortable feelings and encourage each client to appreciate/love themselves. Alison will be the new program manager at our Sherman Oaks house.

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