Addicted Brain and How to Break Free Using Natural Supplements

The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free Using Natural Supplements by Dr. Hyla Cass shows readers that there is in fact a “magic potion” that can help one to manage and liberate oneself from addiction. 

In fact, there are several magic potions, many of which are found in nature, and others in prepared supplements.

Dr. Cass has developed a reputation in the recovery world for sharing complicated scientific facts in an easy way and developing methods for people in recovery to safely and quickly get back on their feet.  Her understanding of which foods work toward a healthy lifestyle comes down to knowing a lot about neurotransmitters and how overall brain chemistry is affected by the things that we consume. 

Many of us have a good sense of what not to consume in order to improve our overall health, and we\'ve also heard about negative side effects of those ordinary foods and drinks that we take pleasure in... like coffee and sugar. But this book explains science behind how ordinary foods can change our brain chemistry for the worse. If you weren’t convinced to hop on the healthy foods bandwagon before, this book will certainly change your mind and get you on the right track.

Dr. Cass has included several positive food ideas as well. In fact every single chapter in this book contains specific suggestions of what to consume in order to assist your body in calming cravings and other painful aspects of withdrawal.

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