Addiction is the Symptom

The latest from Rosemary Ellsworth Brown, PhD, and co-writer Laura Mackay.

Dr. Brown, illustrates the key elements of the “Brown Method” in this book through storytelling and personal revelations.  Reaching the heart of the reader through this “divinely inspired” text, she confirms what was learned in her years of research: That single addiction is a symptom of Emotional Dependency, a much greater iceberg.

This text, as Brown puts it, is perhaps the “missing chapter” of the recovery bible. With the 12-steps serving as the keystone, Brown has evolved the popular program to meet the needs of today’s individual - the individual who wants to be free from all addictions not just the one that they started treatment with.  

Addiction is the Symptom clearly lays out Brown’s approach, which makes a few simple but essential language modifications to the Big Book’s twelve steps.  It also brings a new sense of reverence to Step Four by expanding it and making it the central piece of the program.

Individuals who want to achieve deeper and longer-lasting healing than they have experienced before in recovery will appreciate this piece.  Brown and Mackay have created a beautiful read and have even provided step-by-step instructions on how to apply the Brown Method’s Step Four Algorithm alongside a professional care provider.  With helpful workbook-like appendices and online resources, readers are sure to have a both a theoretical practical understanding of how to make profound life changes for a more complete recovery.


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