“AQUARELLE” by Renée M. Popovits

Renée M. Popovits is an accomplished writer, speaker, attorney and founder of her own law firm. A pianist and a singer, Renée has always had a strong affinity for creating and the arts. Following her spiritual awakening in October 2014, Renée picked up a paintbrush for the first time in June 2016, and began sharing her gift of foresight and divine messages received through watercolor painting, all while continuing to practice law.

She has created more than 300 paintings to date and a sampling of these are displayed in her new book “Aquarelle.” Although a very private person, Renée understands the importance of sharing these paintings and documenting her journey of hope, love and light.

Renée was born and raised in the south suburbs of Cook County, Illinois and now lives in the city of Chicago.

Renée Popovits first book, “Aquarelle,” features her artwork, containing 81 of her watercolor paintings, along with some beautiful messages of hope, love and light.
“Aquarelle” showcases her divine art and messages.

The “Aquarelle” book launch premiered on Josie Herndon’s Drama to Dharma show Thursday, 2/25/21.

Renee’s article in the March 14th Edition of Recoveryview talks about her “Spiritual Journey Through Watercolor,” and illustrates 4 of her watercolor paintings. To read the article, click here

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