Breaking The Cancer Code: A Revolutionary Approach to Cancer

Breaking the Cancer Code, by Geronimo Rubio, M.D. and Carolyn Gross, is a revolutionary approach to solving the cancer predicament by a world-renowned medical expert and patient advocate. Most doctors run scared from cancer, believing it cannot be reversed by the body's own natural defenses. Here is a doctor who stood up to cancer in the lab, researching how to impart (teach) the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer. Coupled with his extraordinary cancer-vaccine research, this book documents the work of a consummate patient advocate specializing in natural healing solutions and the necessary mind-set to reversing cancer.

This comprehensive work embodies all the components that help patients heal from this dramatic illness. Extensive explanations of immunotherapy and cancer vaccines. Integrative compilation of traditional medicines and holistic health-building protocols. Preventative self-care strategies to build the immune system during and after cancer.

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