Breaking the Fantasy of Living in a One-Sided World

If you're looking for happiness without sadness, health without disease, pleasure without pain and more, then you're living in the lowest level of our animal brain, the amygdala - you're looking for a dopamine fix. You're being sold the fantasy that there is positive without negative.

The more you strive for a one-sided world looking for the fantasy, the more your life becomes a nightmare, because you're striving for something that is not available, and trying to avoid something that is unavoidable. In Buddhism, they used to say that, desiring something that is not available and avoiding something that is not avoidable, is a source of human suffering. When you live by your highest values you embrace pleasure in pain. When you live by your highest values you embrace support and challenge equally. But when you're living in your animal nature; your lower values, off you go towards a one-sided world.

If you want to be a master, you have to live by your highest values and wake up your executive centre that has reason and embrace both sides of life objectively, or otherwise you'll be vulnerable to the animal's behaviour, and you'll be sold the fantasy searching for the unavailable and trying to avoid the unavoidable. Anytime you get addicted to a fantasy you create a nightmare out of your life.


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