Conscious Beings

Humans, as a species, are still learning, growing and evolving to a higher level of consciousness and awareness. If you are reading this, you are part of a small but rapidly growing segment of the population that is awakening to a higher faculty of awareness that is latent within human being. We have a capacity to be fully consciousness beings, enlightened. This is our destiny, this is your destiny since you are reading this. Even considering this as a possibility begins to awaken an inner knowing. Watch and observe.

By observing our own life, we can clearly see how our level of consciousness goes up or down with passing emotions and life experiences, and how some people appear to be “more conscious” than other’s in terms of having a clearer head, greater compassion, perspective and awareness. We have this capacity to evolve ourselves into a higher being, and now the technology exists to fully realize our own potential and enlighten.

In Dr. David Hawkins’s seminal book “Power vs. Force”, he explains how our consciousness has a frequency, and that frequency can change. On this “Scale of Consciousness” we can measure levels from 0 to 1000, we consider those frequencies below 200 being “negative,” and those over 600 being enlightened, and most people residing in the 200 range. We can test these levels through measuring EMF bands, applied kinesiology or muscle testing, feeling electro-magnetic fields and subjective evaluations from ones’ own experience. We can use a scientific method to develop ourselves into fully conscious or enlightened beings.

Back in the 1990’s I teamed up with Dr. Hawkins’s and conducted a seminar in Sedona, Arizona, and tested raising one’s calibrated level of consciousness by degree during meditations.  Over the course of the weekend we were able to test and demonstrate a significate increase in the calibrated level of consciousness of the entire group. The group energy appeared to have a positive affect upon the whole, and the audience was easily able to recalibrate to the higher-level transmissions of Shaktipat. Everyone acclimated to these higher levels to some degree.

Dr. Hawkins tested the group and indicated that the entire audience of five hundred was able to at least experience the 500+ or awakened state of consciousness. The subjective experience of the audience was to experience the bliss the yogi’s call samadhi, and to feel the increase in bio-magnetism around their body. Afterwards, the individuals who continued their meditation practice continued to evolve to higher levels in accordance with their ability to adapt their thoughts, words and actions. Most put little effort into further practice and, although they still maintained a higher level of consciousness than before they began the seminar, they did not maintain the level they achieved during the seminar.

Thus, we determined that you can indeed consciously raise your calibrated level of consciousness. The first step is to realize you can, then intend to, and then take conscious actions to do so and track your progress. It’s all a matter of attuning to higher states of consciousness. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose. It’s time for us to become more conscious beings, enlightened beings, super-beings.

Blessings, Sai Steven S. Sadleir

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