Creating the New MOVIE of Your Life

Beyond the Law of Attraction

Bringing the unconscious to consciousness is the first part of consciously creating the life of your dreams. Conscious Creation requires unearthing what lies in the shadows, the beliefs and patterns you’ve unconsciously created. Making peace with and overcoming the adverse stories and physical patterning you’ve created unconsciously will release your genuine dreams. And these may not be what you thought they were. In fact, conscious creation can open you up to an awareness in which the dreams you believed you had—maybe they’re dreams of security, success, health, or love—don’t even matter as much as they once did. And when they matter less, anything is possible.

As humans we are continuously creating our own lives, consciously or unconsciously. We each create the movie of our life and our view of reality. We edit, rewrite, and produce sequels, and when everything is going well it can look delightful. The problem is that many of us don’t even realize that we have a movie, much less that we are choosing it. We’re making creative decisions, but they’re unconscious decisions. We are trapped in unconscious creation. This often leaves us in upsetting and painful patterns of living. Because we’re unaware of our capacity to consciously create, we’re living lives that are too little for us. We are “running the racket of staying small.”

Here’s a framework from my book, Conscious Creation. It is an acronym for my “five steps to conscious creation” process. The acronym is MOVIE: M is for Making Peace with the Past, O is for Overcoming Core False Beliefs, V is for Visioning, I is for Intention Setting, and E is for Embodying the Vision. Why MOVIE? Because filmmaking is a creative process, and in Conscious Creation you are creating the movie of your life. In Steps 1 and 2 you are recognizing and unlearning the old script that you have unconsciously created and lived by, the script that is no longer working for you. In Step 3 you’re opening to a new script, a new story that you write, cast, film, edit, and produce, with help from others, in Steps 4 and 5.

You may be thinking that this sounds something like the Law of Attraction. Put simply, the Law of Attraction says that our reality is formed or manifested by our habits of thought. Negative thoughts attract negative reality; positive thoughts attract positive reality. When we change our thoughts, we change our frequency, and the world, or universe, responds.

There is a great deal of truth to this, and the Law of Attraction does work well for many people. This is why the five steps of Conscious Creation include the insights of the Law of Attraction; they are valuable and represent a leap forward in conscious evolution. If you change your thinking and your habits, you can change your life. But many people find that the Law of Attraction alone doesn’t work for them, or that it works only temporarily.

Applying the Law of Attraction without making peace with your past and overcoming your core false beliefs can leave you feeling stuck, hindering your growth in conscious awareness. Or it can leave you wanting more. In either case, the five steps of Conscious Creation provide a way to go deeper, to clear away what hinders you, to move beyond the stuck place. The five steps don’t ignore or throw away the Law of Attraction—they expand upon it so that it not only applies to your thoughts but also taps into your feelings and the energy field from which you are vibrating.

Working with the Law of Attraction, you may have made progress in changing your thoughts and manifesting something new. You may have tried affirmations such as “I am love” or “I am open” to manifest a change you desire, whether that’s a healthier relationship or more fulfilling work. Maybe you’ve manifested the very things you’ve visualized. But our use of the Law of Attraction can end up being like magical thinking: “I’m going to have this thought and get this shiny new toy.” That’s where Conscious Creation deepens things, moving into deeper levels of awareness which are beyond any construct the mind can create. Using the five steps, we move from “What do I want?” to “Is this bringing me happiness?” to “Is this the thing I was born to do?” to “Is this my deepest, most essential purpose?”

When we live beyond our stories and make peace with the past, we start to shift from a focus on “me” to a focus on “we” in a profound way. When we catch a deep vision, when we clearly set an intention, then we become that which we are meant to be, quite literally. We feel deeply that this is who and what we are. This is being and living on a quantum level in the truth that all are one and one with source. It’s shifting from the apparent reality to what is authentically real, from limitation to limitlessness. That’s pretty much the ultimate awe-some.

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