Do You Know How To Trust Your Intuition?

Are you someone who struggles to hear your intuition, and is worried that you are making it up? Or perhaps you wish you can be more confident, able to trust your gut, and make decisions quickly and easily. Or you just want a simple way to trust yourself, confirm the accuracy of your feelings, and then use your intuition as your guide without constantly second-guessing yourself?


Do you remember that time the hair on your arms stood up, you froze, your ears perked, and you intuitively knew something was not right?  It might have been a smell, a change in the air around you, a flash of insight, whatever it was, you were alerted to danger and instinctively knew in your gut, it was time to be cautious or run. Your logical mind initially was not in this loop and might have even tried to inform you, this feeling was your imagination, all in your head.

Your intuition is your antenna and acts as your guide to the expanding pulse of energy around you. Even the slightest shift in this energy field might be experienced as irritation, stress, anxiety, or fear. When your antenna registers this change in frequencies, you may not know consciously what is happening, but when you get chills, a knot in your stomach, or a bad feeling, you know deep inside, there is a problem.

In 2008, I was involved in a spec house property deal, requiring a large deposit and hefty monthly mortgage payments until the house was built and sold. I began to experience very serious digestive and gut issues and worried this was the right decision. Very soon after, I woke from a dream with my shamanic friend Lalo. He was reminding me he would be there to support me if I was in trouble. I sat up in bed and realized he was telling me that if my gut was hurling, it was a message to get out of the deal. And just in the nick of time, too, and I was able to get my deposit back. But I felt the uneasiness first in my gut, but until that dream, hadn’t connected the two.

Think of your antenna as your connection to that voice within, that draws to you and heightens the intuitive insights and feelings you receive.  However, since intuition is an internal process, you may not know how to recognize and interpret the signs you are receiving. The key is in learning to make note of, i.e. become aware of your intuitive process. It’s important to mentally register and identify these energetic vibrations so that you can correctly and instinctively act upon them.

This no small feat and requires focused attention and practice to first sense and then to confirm. This means, you must be able to discern and then trust the voice within, and finally, acknowledge those feelings in your gut. Think of this process as learning a new language and studying the nuances.

The truth is, without this internal guidance system, you are not operating with a full deck, in control of your destiny.

2020 marked a change in the course of human destiny. The sudden shift in normality has led to uncertainty and confusion and is marked with fear and isolation. Every day the media attacks us with statistics and news designed to worry you to death and to live in confusion. The rules change daily. I teach how to go within and determine what is working for you, what steps do you need to take for clarity, success, and harmony within the structure of this new norm of change. Rather than be filled with worry and experiencing heightened anxiety, sit down, and ask for guidance, ask to be shown the truth for you.

In working with my clients, I have found that developing a strong sense of self, along with a tried-and-true protocol to easily access intuitive guidance, leads to confidence in understanding your path through this maze. Learning to trust yourself is one of the most powerful steps you can take to successfully navigate this complex world we live in.

Otherwise, you will be operating from your logical mind, which may not agree with your intuitive voice.



Understand this truth, there is nothing logical about intuition, for it frequently defies logic and may completely go against rational thought. And therein lies the challenge as you first must convince yourself and then those around you often with many obstacles and opposition.

Your intuition can save your life, plain and simple. Having inner certainty to trust this guidance and your voice within, is critical. Sometimes you have less than a split second to say YES and make your move. Yes, you are the antenna! And it’s possible to quickly access the information and interpret the message instantly. Without thought or thinking it out, without your logical mind, your inner guidance system has all the answers you need.

Did you know during the Vietnam War, the United States Military recruited skilled native American Indians as trackers to rout out the North Vietnamese from the tunnels. But at first, the program was a disaster as the recruits were inducted into service and had their heads shaved as standard practice. Unfortunately, they immediately lost their extraordinary skills as trackers. The officials went back to the chiefs of the tribe, demanding answers, and were skeptical when they were told that the seat of these skills was from their hair, their very long thick black hair the military had just shaved off. So the military sent a new group of recruits, 50% kept their hair, and shaved the other 50%. Sure enough, they found out the 50 % with hair, were successful in their missions. Unfortunately, the other 50% had fewer survival skills than the ordinary recruits, ie the non-natives and there were many fatalities. The recruits informed their superiors that once their hair was cut, they no longer had access to their intuition and could not sense the enemy. Further testing went on to show that even memory and IQ were impacted by the loss of their hair.


Intuition is the ability to discern what is going on in the stillness, without the use of conscious thought, or words. The pure feeling may come through as a sense, a knowingness, a voice, a smell, a chill, or a sick feeling inside. Imagine you are an antenna for otherworldly, higher perception, information that comes through a different filter. This antenna can be cleansed, purified, activated, and energized to attract the highest of vibrational frequencies and healing energies, with guidance and wisdom meant just for you.

Practice is important, yet how can you confirm this intangible voice within? Try tracking the results. Pay attention to what you are feeling, sensing, and knowing. Years ago, as I was leaving my accountant's office with a copy of my family's tax returns in hand, I heard a voice telling me to not put these returns in the trunk. This voice informed me, the trunk would fly open, and the returns would be spread out on the highway. Honestly, I thought this was crazy, disregarded the warning, and proceeded to place my precious papers inside, and unprotected. Well, I stopped suddenly at a red light, the trunk flew open, and I was unable to retrieve the returns. Four days later, I answer a phone call from a man stating he worked for the public sanitation office, and he had my daughter's tax returns with her social security number right.

The point is, by ignoring this voice within, my family paid the price. How often does that happen to you? Are you receiving messages but not listening, not even open to hearing them?  This experience served as a wake-up call for me, and I began to track my intuition. I kept a journal of the outcomes for when I said yes and followed the internal guidance. I also kept a page for the times I doubted or didn’t act upon these messages and was very surprised to see the results were not good, when I didn’t listen, I wasn’t as effective, or the outcome was not good.

Here’s the good news. If you have ever experienced a hunch, a gut feeling, an impression, a suspicion, premonition, or just an inkling, you are intuitive. It’s as simple as that. Your body, as well as your psyche, has an alarm system with flashing bells and whistles, red alerts, and other warning signals to get your attention. Your intuitive superpower ninja skills are astounding, real, fast acting, and unconscious, meaning, it all happens without logical thought. Your job is to connect with your antenna so to speak, so you can receive, sense, interpret and act.

You just need a bit of practice.

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