Escape Anxiety

Escape Anxiety is more than just a self-help book, it is an entire system created by therapist and author, Suzanne Jesse. Relying upon tried and tested techniques as well as ancient wisdom, Jesse has designed a clinically sound system for dealing with anxiety that is available to the public for the first time.  The package includes a welcome video, a workbook, 8 full therapeutic sessions for anxiety recovery, 5 therapies (Guided Imagery, Self-Hypnosis, Progressive relaxation, Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), along with two bonus therapies for optimal living, a free gift, and ongoing education.  These evidence-based therapies are a part of Jesse’s unique Neurogenesis Meditative Therapy style, which ultimately helps to dismantle the deeply entrenched ideas that are at the root of anxiety.

The central masterpiece of the system is a 250-page book. It contains Jesse’s account of her own battle with severe anxiety, which is seamlessly woven into the methods of recovery that proved to be successful in her own life.  It is honest and descriptive while providing a hopeful view of a struggle that is common to millions of people.. Perhaps most importantly, Jesse’s personal story consoles readers that they are not alone in this fight for a better life… a life free from the clutches of anxiety.

System users will find that Escape Anxiety is not merely a mash-up of of various ideas and techniques.  It is instead a cohesive presentation of a truly holistic approach to long lasting anxiety relief from an experienced multi-disciplinarian.

The full system can be purchased here:

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