Featured Member: Joan Hangarter

“I wasn’t really an artist,” says Joan Hangarter, D.C. “But now, I get the feeling of painting... and like a whoosh - it takes me over!” 

It’s hard to believe that Hangarter, a public speaker, healer, teacher/facilitator of “Angelic Art” and writer, was ever not an artist.  Take a look at this and you will understand why:

Ancient Deities, by Joan Hangarter: This is a part of Hangarter’s “Krishna” series. The Hindu deity, Krishna, features in in the center with a flute. The piece represents being between worlds and the figures are Gods and Goddesses.

“I’m in a trance until it’s done,” she says matter of factly as she begins to reflect on one of her first, intense artistic experiences.

“I went to the Shakti Fest one year and had an amazing meditation experience through sound healing. That’s when Krishna came to me. After two weeks I couldn’t even leave my studio, I just painted Krishnas. Then, suddenly, it just went away.  I believe that these beings that come through me in this way want their humans to find them. They are here to bring peace, love and harmony and healing.  That’s why they are calling to us.”

Hangarter comes from an eclectic religious background and believes that there is a Source power that we all have access to. She believes that “this planet is a spiritual learning center.”  

Hangarter’s artistic process is unique.

“Step one: I created a high frequency sanctuary so the groundwork is done, but really, I am a portal wherever I am. I’ve done the work so the inspiration is with me now.”

She explains that her role in the artwork depends on the situation and the piece. “Not every painting reveals itself... sometimes I’m just a paintbrush.”

The second step in her process is related to the creation of what she calls “Shamanic oracle art.”  Hangarter tells us that this form helps people to “retrieve pieces of your soul.”

While the process itself is intriguing, we can’t help but ask...why art?

“Art helps to tune you up. It take you to the highest levels of frequency, which is really important. It performs healings and is a communication device. It puts you in touch with departed loved ones and downloads information.”

Some of Hangarter’s art is currently housed in “sanctuaries” where she says they resonate with high energies.

“When the art gets to these ‘telecommunication centers,’ it’s being communicated all over the world.”

If you didn’t fully understand this verbally, take a look at the following piece:


Pathways to Ascension is part of the Krishna series and represents the stairway to heaven as well as Hangarter’s own ascension after Krishna came to her.

This piece comes with a moving story of its own. Hangarter tells us,

“I met an Indian man who was 26 at the Shakti Festival. He was 6’8” and carried the energy of kings and generals and actually did come from that class. He told me, ‘The sheer fact that you have been born here and were privileged in this way, and that you had this personal encounter with Krishna - you’ve been forgiven so much of your karma’.” After this experience, more would be revealed to Hangarter to heighten her personal wisdom.

She refers to those in recovery as “Angels in training.”  She believes that while life is hard, all of these experiences are lessons that help us to understand how to live our purpose.

“We hide under the addictions,” she says.   “You just have to remind a person that they have a purpose and that they can reach to that and feel safe.  I personally help people to remember their gifts when I am in their presence.”

She went onto say,

“Young people want to be like a Jedi warrior. Half their struggle is that they believe they can’t be the magical person they wanted to be. It’s really about reminding them of who they really are and that they can be more. We need to  help people listen to that voice that they cover up with drugs and alcohol.”

So how can others use art to improve their lives or recover from addiction?

“Art is about learning that it’s safe to be creative. It’s about getting in touch with the energy within the body and then letting the paint brush go. If you love blue, feel the sensuality of 25 different blues on a canvas... it’s about feeling and connecting with its energy.

When I work with people in recovery, I tell them how to engage with my art. I have them bring home a print, light a candle and sit down to gaze into the eyes of the painting. I tell them to let the painting come to them. If the painting is one of the bigger ones, I have them turn their backs and let the wings of the angel surround them.  It’s an intuitive process, and I encourage people to listen with their inner senses. One or two pieces usually jump off the wall for them!

All in all, it’s important that they know they have a purpose and the ability to have a great happy fulfilled productive life. If they can just start remembering that they have this energy inside of them. They can begin a path that leads out of the dark and into the light.”



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