From Now On

Seven Keys to Purposeful Recovery

From Now On: Seven Keys to Purposeful Recovery makes each reader the writer of his of her own future.  Susskind uses a strengths-based approach derived from both coaching and positive psychology to gently guide readers through their quest for a purposeful life.

The author of this empowering workbook, Andrew Susskind, is an unintrusive guide. He introduces a new concept every chapter and facilitates the readers process of becoming aware of their own personal values, choices, actions and attitude.  Almost every page of the book contains questions or activities on varied topics for readers to engage with.  You might feel like Susskind is right there with you as he coaches you through some of the toughest questions youve had to ask yourself. 

The book is direct and motivational and invites the readers to regain control of their lives using their built-in strengths. Susskinds brilliant strategy allows each individuals personal knowledge to unfold gracefully, leaving readers feeling illuminated and inspired.  Once you reach the end of the book, youll realize that you had the answers all along and that a bright future awaits you!

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