Government Helps Those Who Help Themselves

The California substance use treatment industry is under attack. An unsustainable California model, reimbursements that do not support the infrastructure required by the Department of Healthcare Services, the Joint Commission and insurance companies, direct payments to clients that are often uncollectable, and blatant mental health parity violations. What can a facility owner do?


The Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition is where you can engage in the fight for the rights of the substance use treatment industry with like-minded owners. In just six short months, ATAC is responsible for your organization getting paid by Health Net. How? We put pressure on the Department of Insurance to act on behalf of the substance use treatment industry. While there is still much work to do with respect to Health Net reimbursements, the simple point is that the 60 members of ATAC have made a commitment to fighting for our industry’s survival.

How about you?

The government helps those who help themselves. That’s why ATAC was formed. ATAC has a three-pronged strategy to ensure that substance use treatment providers survive the onslaught of attacks from insurance companies, regulatory advocacy, legislation development and judicial review. Simply said, we must force the regulatory agencies to act when insurance companies are breaking the law or ignoring regulations, developing laws to protect the industry and pursuing legal action if insurance regulators refuse to act quickly. Administrators, legislators and judges react when an industry is organized and speaks with one voice. That’s why trade associations like ATAC are effective in creating an industry environment that is positive for companies whose interests are aligned.  Of course, ATAC’s work cannot be done most efficiently if many substance use providers sit on the sidelines and do not participate.

Participation means more than joining ATAC. It means providing support of the claims against insurance companies like documentation that shows underpayments, mental health parity violations, generic coverage denials, or other schemes that negatively impact substance use treatment providers. The time for complaining to one another is over.

It is time to get organized.

Our members must help ATAC justify its claims to the government entities that can help change our industry for the better, and for those on the sidelines, it is time for you to step up and support ATAC’s efforts. Join here: We need you as much as you need us. I’m sure you have gotten Health Net payments because of ATAC that will more than cover our membership fee. ATAC has just begun its efforts that will positively impact your organization. We have a saying at ATAC:

Strength in Numbers!  

Mark your calendar for an ATAC Industry Meeting in January.

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