Hearthstone House

Hearthstone House Structured Living is located just minutes from Palm Springs, California and offers a comfortable, family-like setting for its clients.   It also features a dedicated staff, which is committed to helping those in recovery learn to interact and integrate with those afflicted with addictions as well as those who are sober.

DeWayne Patterson, Executive Director, opened the Hearthstone House in February of 2014 and has been overwhelmed by the response.  While the initial House served as a male-only residence, Patterson found that the need for structured living spanned across ages and genders.  “We opened up a women’s house four doors down.   It filled up in a matter of weeks,” Patterson told RecoveryView.com.

The beautiful Hearthstone House contains 9 bedrooms, 2 dens, a Fellowship Meeting Hall, a laundry room with amenities, a kitchen, a pool and a spa.  Hearthstone House works diligently to maintain a family-like setting and allows only 15 residents at a time.  The staff feels that the ample space offered by Hearthstone House is integral to helping clients steer clear of relapse.    

Patterson has been helping to save lives for over eight years.   When he dedicated himself to his own recovery over a decade ago, there were sparse resources.  Now, he is committed to providing resources for young people suffering from various addictions. 

“It is imperative that they have this,” says Patterson.  “They are going into and out of treatment.  What’s next?”   Patterson then expressed frustration with the standard Sober Living paradigms saying, “I go to Sober Living. Then what do I do? At Hearthstone House, we wanted to do more. To provide all of the services to help our clients become productive members of society.”

Hearthstone House, while providing an impressive service to the recovery community,  is only the most recent chapter in Patterson’s life.  He started serving people with addictions many years ago when he established a transportation service called Sober Chariots. “Young people were being kicked out of sober living onto the streets. There were some incidents where people had OD-ed and then continued their drug use.”  Patterson would work with them and transport them to treatment programs in his own car.  As Sober Chariots grew, Patterson had to buy a van.  Soon enough, he realized that the logical next step was to provide a home for these people.  

Sober Chariots continues to provide transportation services, helping Hearthstone House residents get to and from intensive outpatient programs.  With this multifaceted approach to sober living, Hearthstone House is performing a much-needed service for many in the desert area.

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