His House/New Creations

His House was founded in 1994 and recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary!

The growth of the facility has been astounding. Starting with only 12 beds in 1994, His House exercised faith and diligence and now proudly serves a much larger population of those seeking holistic care in Southern California.  Their gender specific facilities currently have 110 beds! 

Within the first decade of its existence, the facility broadened its overall mission and the types of services it provided.  In 2001, His House added outpatient care.  In 2002, the treatment center was licensed to provide Detox and Residential treatment. 

Early on, Founder, Glenn Swanson, MBA, CADC II, had a broad vision for His House and realized that men and women have unique emotional and physical needs.  Soon after, he and his team made a unique commitment to gender specific treatment and established the New Creations Detox facility for women, which is located on an entirely separate property 22 miles apart. The women’s program is focused on helping clients with trauma. The therapists are trained in EMDR. Both men’s and women’s programs are licensed and certified by California Alcohol and Drug Programs for Detox, Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Program, and Sober living. They are also CARF accredited. Notably, the programs are abstinence-based, which means that recovery from one substance does not involve the use of other mind-altering substances.

Like His House, New Creations’ focus is on 12 step philosophy, Christian track and family programs. With their focus on spiritual growth, His House/New Creations works with their clients to make deep changes from within. 

Swanson has put in many years into his own personal addiction recovery.  As such, the programs offered by His House/New Creations are informed by not only his educational background in addictions, but by his personal experiences. 

Clinical Director of His House/New Creations, Susan Jackson, has worked in this field for 25 years.  She takes an innovative approach to working with addiction by not only focusing on healing the addict, but also the addict’s family.  She is the author of The Seven Realities of the Addictive Family System which introduces her unique approach of helping the addict’s entire family to understand systemic problems that may be furthering a dangerous addiction.

Many have found themselves at His House/New Creations after having tried to get sober at other rehabilitation programs.  This often takes a physical, emotional and financial toll on addicts and can be discouraging.  Understanding this issue and wanting its clients to experience lasting change, His House/New Creations found that it had to measure its success based on real results. Plainly and simply put, His House/New Creations asks how many have passed through the program and remained clean and sober.

It also realized that another indicator of success is the size and strength of its alumni network. Those who have graduated from His House/New Creations continue to give back to those in treatment.  Clients who have received mentorship and support from those who have experienced successful recovery first hand have found this aspect of the program to be indispensable.

His House/New Creations offers care for young adults, co-occurring disorders, chronic pain prescription medication addiction, and also offers specialized family counseling.  They offer continuing care to help clients transition from full day treatment to Intensive Outpatient or Sober Living.  Their rehab centers are truly client-centered as they offer modified scheduling for clients’ work and school schedules, in addition to many other impressive features. 

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