Is Traditional Recovery the Only Way through Recovery?

As a professional in the field of recovery or a recovering addict, have you found that traditional methods regarding recovery don’t always suit your client’s needs? This is not to say that traditional 12-Step methods are not worthwhile, for that is not the case. In fact, the 12-Steps are usually the first place I go with my clients. But there are those times when I am stuck, and they refuse to go to a meeting. There are those clients who may need a system and structure for recovery that step outside of the traditional recovery box. It is important to know that this is OK; there is nothing wrong with you for seeking additional assistance to ensure that your clients get the treatment method for their addiction that is right for them. The Law of Sobriety embraces the traditional methods of recovery while providing additional tools that can ensure a successful and meaningful recovery.

Staying sober just for the sake of being sober isn’t always what keeps my clients sober. For some, it is the only thing that keeps them sober. They know that if they go back to using or drinking, there is nothing awaiting them but more pain and suffering. However, for some, without a higher purpose, being sober can seem meaningless, and many of my clients have relapsed when that universal calling is not fulfilled.

What are your clients’ true purposes? Are they just trying to stay sober or are they desiring to embrace sobriety with a more fulfilling and meaningful life? The Law of Sobriety offers steps, exercises and tools that will allow the recovering addict to examine his or her true purpose. Your clients are on this earth for a reason. You and your clients were not placed here to simply exist. In fact, even the fact you are reading this article most likely expresses the fact that your calling is to help in the healing process of others. Your clients’ true calling can be found deep inside of them – as you found yours – within their soul, and once they truly listen to its essence, they will know exactly why they are here. Without this deeper meaning, simply staying sober will not be fulfilling.

Traditional recovery and rehab facilities that embrace traditional recovery are wonderful and do have the ability to give addicts the tools needed to begin their recovery journey. However, these traditional steps are not the only way to become sober, nor are they the only way to remain sober. Becoming sober and embracing life is a very personal experience, with each individual needing structure and stability to stay standing.

If you find that traditional methods of recovery and sobriety don’t seem to work for your clients, do not be alarmed. There are other methods in this world, that when used properly, can provide you with the approach that will work for you. The road of recovery is never an easy one, but do not feel that you have to adhere to one specific program to have success with your clients. As you are individually unique, your client’s recovery journey is unique to him or her. Just remember that if you are at a road block with your clients, dust yourself off and take a look outside the box. There is a method of recovery out there for them, and both you and your client will know you have found what works when there is a resounding “Yes, this speaks to me.”

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