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Arlene Rosen – 2013 Marty Mann Founders Award Recipient

The NCADD Marty Mann Founder’s Award was established to honor individuals of national prominence in the field of alcoholism and other drug problems whose life work strongly reflects the energy, dedication, and focus exemplified by NCADD\'s founder, Mrs. Marty Mann. The award recognizes at least ten years of exceptional contributions to public and professional education about alcoholism and other drug problems as treatable and preventable conditions and as major public health concerns. This award honors life achievement.” -National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, Congratulations on this honor. Please tell us about the work you have done that is being recognized here.

Arlene Rosen: I think they recognized me as founder of Michael’s House, and now I’m president of the Michael Alan Rosen Foundation that donates money in the addictions field. Our foundation was first an operating foundation, about 22 years ago, before it was a money-giving foundation. Michael’s House was created in honor of my son, Michael, who I lost to addiction. We were trying to provide affordable treatment, to do something to help other people and families. We offered extended care and gender-specific treatment, which was unusual at the time we began. Since then, I have gone on, working with the foundation.


RV: How long have you worked with or been associated with NCADD?

AR: I started out as a member in the Los Angeles affiliate branch 25 years ago. In the last 15 years, I have been on the national board.


RV: Why did you decide to become a board member?

AR: When they asked me, I decided to join so I could know more about what was going on nationally, and not just locally. Your point of view is broader because you’re hearing about what is happening with senators and lawyers. The medical scientific committee is the best thing they have going; there are fine doctors on that committee. We publish new developments and get the information out. By being on the national board, I have a well-rounded view of the whole field, not just the treatment aspect. The broader reach creates greater opportunities.


RV: What do you hope people will take away from the efforts you have put into this community?

AR: In my work with Michael’s House, my goal was to help those with addictions and their families. As it still functions as a treatment center, it continues to carry on that work.

With NCAAD, I hope to impact a larger proportion of the population in terms of what’s happening in alcohol addiction, and help take away the stigma that is still attached to drug and alcohol addiction. I’m reaching out, and I’m still on the board to reach more people.


RV: What are some of your goals moving forward?

AR: To give grants and donations, especially to veterans. Young, returning vets with drug and alcohol addictions, as well as PTSD, present an opportunity for a great amount of work to be done. We have reached out to Stanford’s peer review with returning vets (as well as one back east), and we are providing money for experiential research there – this is very important to me. We will also give scholarships to various treatment centers for those who can’t afford the treatment they need. Everything we do in the Foundation is in health and wellness programs. The Foundation is really where I am right now and that is very important to me.


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