Natural Rest


Natural Rest for Addiction: A Revolutionary Way To Recover by Scott Kiloby, J.D. is truly a breath of fresh air.

Throughout this book, Kiloby emphasizes that the concept of “natural rest” is... just what it says it is. It is neither forced relaxation, nor a specialized method of relaxation. It is merely settling into a natural state of being. This book demonstrates how one can use this deceptively simple tactic not only to feel relief from cravings of all kinds, but also to generate feelings of self-compassion.  And the best part is... there are no side effects to natural rest. 

This book does not suggest that people opt into a new system for recovery, but inevitably will help readers to create a system that works for them. While Natural Rest for Addiction has been divided into chapters, it is best read paragraph by paragraph. As the author suggests, slowly digesting the wisdom contained within will allow one to experience the best results.  Also, experiencing the book in small pieces will make it easier to apply natural rest and to more firmly establish a foundation for recovery.

Kiloby is well-known for the “The Living Inquiries,” and therefore, it is a lovely treat for readers to find an explanation of those Inquiries within this book. The mid-book chapter not only provides an explanation but also helps readers to understand how to apply the inquiries in their life (in conjunction with natural rest, of course!).


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