Quantum Sound Miracle iQube: 7 Quantum Hacks To Transform Your Healing Business

The Missing Modality for Your Growing Healing Practice

If you are feeling burned out by the demands of your healing business and don’t have enough time to fully recharge your batteries, this book will enlighten you with 7 shortcuts to get you back in the zone of healer bliss. It’s a true healer business handbook that will guarantee your resilience, and optimize your client results.

Author, Helena Reilly, M.A., a University of Chicago trained HSP (Highly Sensitive People) Psychotherapist, has spent her entire life exploring modalities of transformation. Her journey led her to the meditation and yoga masters of India, and the western professors of psychotherapy and psychology. She developed this method after realizing what was “missing” from her private practice on Manhattan’s upper west side.

Quantum Sound Miracle iCube offers 7 Quantum Shortcuts to:

  • Get your healer mojo back effortlessly: How to automatically generate a zero point field (without the heavy lifting) that relaxes, calms, balances your chakras and recharges your batteries effortlessly and automatically every day of your life.
  • Unleash your hidden power: How to use your voice (and your clients’ voices) as the gateway to shift the subconscious so you and your clients experience deep peace and harmony; and manifest permanent well being and accelerated law of attraction results.
  • Sleep deeply and awaken refreshed: How deep delta sleep is the direct pathway to your well being and rejuvenation.
  • Awaken your intuition: How to decalcify your third eye so you optimize your healing business results.
  • Live in your genius zone: Discover the healer zone of gamma brainwaves and left frontal lobe creativity that will guarantee effortless joy and results.

In the highly competitive world of alternative healing, this missing modality will give you the cutting edge and years of effortless flow and optimized results.
The zero point field is the key to getting your healer mojo back and 10x your healing business results. Voice code analysis is the gateway to your subconscious. If you intend to live in your genius zone as a healer and create the best possible results for your clients, this book will show you the quantum shortcuts that will give you the hidden advantage.

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