Relapse Prevention Plan from Dr. Harry Haroutunian

While many of us want to live life as an art, sometimes we must live it as a science... with a plan and with precision. 

See Dr. Harry Haroutunian’s words below and learn what you may need to do in order to prevent relapse for yourself or someone you love.

Relapse Prevention Plan

In recovery, it’s essential to have a relapse prevention plan, or a set of automatic actions we and our family, boss, and counselor or therapist take should relapse start to rear its ugly head.  This preordained set of actions clicks into effect if a urine test shows positive for alcohol or drug use or if someone observes relapse behaviors in us. 

Most relapses are unnecessary. If we can anticipate and identify the signs and symptoms, we can prevent relapse.  Relapse starts with some lapse in sanity.  When we realize that we are slipping into new ways of thinking and new behaviors that signal early relapse.  We must be constantly vigilant, seeking second opinions from sponsors, friends, and family if we experience any of the red flags.  The best way to do this is to make those close to us part of our relapse prevention plan.   

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