ROCK TO RECOVERY - Music as a Catalyst for Human Transformation

Co-Authors: Constance Scharff PhD and Wes Geer

Tens of thousands of Americans die from substance abuse and suicide each year. Millions more suffer from mental health disorders. Rock to Recovery® – an innovative, therapeutic music program serving more than one hundred addiction treatment and mental health facilities in the USA – steps into the breach to offer participants help and hope. By writing, playing, and recording music as a group, non-musicians are able to build a community of support, find enthusiasm for treatment, and realize that recovery is possible.

Veterans, trauma survivors, and those struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues can recover with connection. This book contains eighteen stories of people who have used Rock to Recovery’s music program to live a better life. You too can use music to heal. “Music Is the Medicine!”


Rock to Recovery: Music as a Catalyst for Human Transformation just WON the music category in the National Indie Excellence Awards and received a GOLD Award in the Nonfiction Book Awards. 

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