Soul Vitamins, A Poem

Soul Vitamins

Drifting like the clouds in the sky

No cares attached

For freedom is what I seek

but trepidation continues to creep

You are fading, fading ever so slowly

but suddenly I crave you again

Like a child asking for a cold ice cream cone on hot a summer\'s day

or two lovers waiting to meet for the first time

Familiarity starts to set in

and that lingering scent

compels me to reminisce on those days

Oh, how I have forgotten

or maybe I haven\'t at all?

Refusing to follow your shadows

and fade into the background

I opened my own cage

and started to breathe

For the first time in a long time

I savored the very essence of being alive

Someone told me to inhale deeply, because it will all be okay

I believed them

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