Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag

A Transformational Guide for Living, Happy, Joyous and Free

During those times when life seems empty and we’re feeling lonely, lost, or “less-than”--or even struggling with addiction--it’s often because our spirit has become squashed. We’ve disconnected or shut ourselves down. You hear it in the stories we tell. Driven by injury, false beliefs, fear, we accept this manufactured vision of ourselves as true. Yet our lives have the ability to go from living hell to living our version of paradise when we release our spirit from bondage. We can indeed achieve a Happy, Joyous and Free life!

And that’s why Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag (HCI Books, June 2014) is such an essential and life-changing resource for so many. Crafted by best- selling authors, respected leaders in the recovery movement, and founders of Nashville’s Integrative Life Center, Lee McCormick and Mary Faulkner, offer a way out of life’s maze. The book is half autobiographical journey and half medicine bag filled with spiritual healing practices for those who are struggling with any aspect of life.

But Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag wouldn’t have the gut-punching impact that it does, were it not for McCormick’s willingness to bare all…to strip away the layers of hell and let us share his journey to addiction-free, spiritually enriched mental and emotional health.

To all outward appearances, Lee McCormick was living an idyllic childhood And later as a young man…when half of his days were spent on the beach surfing, romancing girls and playing his guitar around a fire pit at night. The other half was on horseback, cowboying on the family ranch, living his days amidst nature. But underneath his skin, a time bomb was lurking. Having lived in the shadow of a big man and a big family legacy--he believed he could never be enough. During his college years in Southern Colorado, when he began a successful career as a touring musician, he soon slid into drug and alcohol addiction and co-dependent relationships. A deadly duo--sending him on a constant quest to find ways of getting high to avoid the emotional pain in which he lived. In short, his life was a train wreck.

But through a slow process of spiritual awakening involving time spent in treatment programs, deep honest self-examination, and a dramatic few days on a mystical spiritual journey in Teotihuacan, Mexico at the Toltec Pyramids--he not only found his way, but found the way to bring others back from the brink, as well. He subsequently founded two highly regarded treatment centers The Ranch Recovery Center in Nashville and The Canyon Treatment Center in Malibu Today, Lee is full-time rancher, organic farmer, a recovery speaker and innovator, and author/filmmaker behind the acclaimed book and film Dreaming Heaven, a docufilm chronicling a group of people who accepted Lee’s invitation for one of the Spirit Recovery Journeys that he leads. 


 Today, Lee and Mary Faulkner and the staff at Integrative Life Center work together to make the outpatient treatment program at Integrative Life Center a place where people can recover and discover their dreams.

A trauma specialist at the center, Mary holds a master\'s degree in religious education specializing in spirituality. She has written multiple books on the topics of spirituality and recovery, including Women\'s Spirituality: Power and Grace and Easy Does It Dating Guide and The Easy Does It Relationship Guide for Recovering Couples.

The second half of the book is a medicine bag of exercises and practices designed to peel away the stories and beliefs that hold us captive in dissatisfaction and pain. It helps readers explore possibilities as they search for their own answers to the age old question, “Is that all there is?”

“The Medicine Bag practice is about resolving the past and getting into real time—new experiences and new interpretations about yourself, your relationship with others, and life itself. It helps you get in touch with intuition and instinct, develop your code of ethics and live in your truth. Such a transformed system allows you to determine what is appropriate according to circumstances in the moment—informed by the past, not a prisoner of the past,” say the authors.
The book draws on Native American and shamanistic traditions, Eastern practices, universal spiritual pathways, and a medicine bag of other heart-opening methodologies developed by these two seasoned experts. Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag gives people the tools to rediscover their truth, release their stories, and live authentically. Readers are encouraged to step away from addictive compulsive behaviors that hold them back, so they experience real happiness and joy as their spirit soars-- Living Happy, Joyous and Free!

Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag: A Transformational Guide for Living, Happy, Joyous and Free, retail price $14.95, is available at www.hibooks.com, Amazon.com and many bookstores.

SPIRIT RECOVERY MEDICINE BAG: A Transformational Guide for Living Happy, Joyous, and Free
Lee McCormick and Mary Faulkner
ISBN: 9780757317941
US $14.95
June 2014 – Trade paperback


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