Spirituality in Addictions Counseling

A Clinician's Guide by H. Spencer Neal

This book was designed to assist interested professionals in bridging the gap between traditional Counseling methods and Addictions Counseling. The principles that developed into those used in Addictions Counseling were instituted in 1935 with the advent of Alcoholics Anonymous. Since then, effective Addictions Counselors, although most had little formal training in counseling, had successfully recovered from addictions themselves and became skilled at guiding clients through the evolving 12 step recovery process.

Over the ensuing years, an independent 12 Step related treatment industry grew and began to standardize training and procedures for Addictions Counselors. These counselors were often successful where formally trained counselors were not. What was the difference?

Increasingly today, government agencies are pushing legislation that would require Addictions Counselors to obtain traditional degrees and secular certification. With this transition, fewer counselors will themselves be in recovery. Despite their training, secular clinicians may not be aware of the vital systemic differences in objectives and methodologies that are crucial to the addiction’s treatment process.

The success of 12 Step based counseling is not the 12 Steps per-se, but rather the Spiritual (non-religious) solution derived from them. It is hoped that the information contained in this book will provide insight into the proven effectiveness of a Spiritual remedy and assist Clinicians in guiding their clients toward lasting recovery and restoration of their lives.

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